The wild posting method

Wild posting is one of the communication and marketing methods a company can choose to promote its brand. Thanks to wild posting, you can convey an original message to your target or promote a new product, collection, service or event. Anolis, our street marketing agency, is by your side for your wild posting campaigns. We help you find your way in the urban jungle!

Our wild posting campaigns are available in Paris and everywhere in France. New York, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Milan, Barcelona… We have an international offer in the largest cities in the world.

What is wild posting?

First of all, what does wild posting actually mean? To support the implementation of a conventional communication campaign, wild posting is about standing up in another context. Flyposting and bill posting are also two synonyms of the concept. Launching a wild posting campaign means playing with the alternative aspect of street marketing. In other words, wild posting makes use of panels of free expression, some construction site palisades or even free posting walls to attract the attention of a target. Unlike conventional posting, wild posting allows you to decline a high number of displays. Wild posting is free from standard communication techniques and media.

The concept is relatively new. It was first used in France in the late 1990s. Originally, wild posting was inspired by the codes of the American underground culture: skateboarding, hip-hop, street art, graffiti, collages... Coming straight from New York, Supreme is one of the first brands to tap into the potential of wild posting. The brand launched several street marketing campaigns by displaying portraits of many mass culture icons. Kate Moss, Lou Reed, Mike Tyson, Lady Gaga... Step by step, the streetwear brand has invaded the urban space and created a buzz. Nowadays, wild posting is quite widespread in the cultural world to promote the release of a film, a concert or any other event. That includes cosmetics and ready-to-wear brands, luxury and pure players.

What types of support for wild posting activities?

The supports and techniques most often used in the context of wild posting are palisade posting, wild posting walls and free expression panels. From 40x60cm to 4x3m, we can work with different formats and cutting shapes. Similarly, we can integrate several visuals on the same display. Brands can also communicate with posters stapled back-to-back on street furniture such as board displays.

The 15- to 45-year-old bracket is our core target, and there is a good reason for this. Coming from the musical and street culture, wild posting appeals to the new generation, highly connected with urban cultures. It is directly inspired by street culture itself. The formats are customizable with different supports such as posters or ambient stickers containing elements of your brand. It is also possible to make patchworks with different formats and pictures. Our street marketing agency gets inspired from this constantly evolving culture to advise our clients.

The most impactful method for your wild posting campaign uses the alternative context of the medium. Also, this technique allows you to respond to a creative idea that a conventional display network could not achieve.

For the launch of the Grazia magazine, Anolis set up fashion silhouettes on which helium balloons were hung. They had the shape of a dog weighted on the ground, thus giving the impression of seeing a person walking with their dog to better attract attention during the Fashion Week shows. An Indian brand of aphrodisiac also called on our agency Anolis. This time, we circumvented an advertising ban by using wild posting and playing with the poles in the street. Both aesthetic and artistic, wild posting also knows how to serve practical objectives for your brand.

Wild posting, a useful tool for guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing includes all unconventional techniques to promote products and services. Thus, wild posting is part of such techniques. As a simple and quick means of communication, it can even be said that it is one of the most effective tools of guerrilla marketing. This is also due to its relatively low cost, compared to traditional communication channels. While conventional networks are monopolized by very large advertisers, wild posting is appropriate for any type of advertising. Applications, pure players, retailers, fashion, cosmetics, mobility players... Access costs are much lower than those in conventional networks. Another advantage is the implementation speed, about 10 days from the validation of the elements.

As an ephemeral campaign, wild posting is a powerful communication weapon to make a long-lasting impression. Especially in high-density urban areas. In addition to Paris and the major French conurbations, our Anolis agency is present in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan and Rome. We also communicate outside the European continent, in Tokyo and New York, two of the largest cities in the world.

Wild posting: by the way, is it legal?

The legality of wild posting is a matter of debate. In France, the Environmental Code (Code de l’environnement) provides for special areas for free posting. But practices, mentalities and laws are constantly evolving. Street art murals once criticized have now found their audience in major cities. Some of them have even become tourist attractions in their own right. Of course, wild posting should not desecrate a historical monument, attack nature within the city or damage some heritage of inestimable value. Effective street marketing also means responsible street marketing. Beyond the risks of sanctions for a wild posting that is badly implemented or too invasive, the benefits of such an operation should not be underestimated.

Why should you rely on an agency for your wild posting campaign?

Communication is a full-time business in its own right that requires know-how and expertise. The non-media agency Anolis specializes in wild posting and other high-impact street marketing operations. Our services are aimed at both start-ups and large structures. Our support ranges from the analysis of the target to advice on the communication place, including the implementation and monitoring of the operation itself. To support a product launch or to reinforce brand awareness, there are many wild posting techniques. Each project is unique, and so is each city.

Thanks to a very precise geographical targeting, Anolis is by your side to develop your visibility. That's why we offer you personalized services that have proved successful all over the world. From the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty through Big Ben and the Colosseum, your wild posting campaign may be tomorrow’s new symbol.

While traditional media buying networks are already saturated, wild posting offers great reactivity and responsiveness. A campaign can be launched in fifteen days. Perfect for a spontaneous and flexible message and immediate visibility.

Do you have a project or feel the desire to get involved in wild posting? Posters stuck, taped or stapled: contact our teams of experts, we will advise you and support you in your wild posting campaign.

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